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31. Canadian.

INFJ. Goth. Nerd. Cat lover. Stroke Survivor. Early Childhood Educator.
4 hour phone calls, abandoned places, accents, acting, actual strangers with candy, anatomical illustrations, androgyny, anime, anthropology, anti-twilight, anti-war, asexuality, bashing todays kids shows, being awkward in general, being vague, big ass head phones, biromantic, black leather anything, body modification, british spelling, bubblegum dance music, calling random people sluts, caramelldansen, collecting little apple dolls, constantly changing my interests, corsets, counter-culture that doesn't suck, criticizing fools, crossdressing, cry freedom cry, ddr isn't easy, dean/castiel, dftba, documentaries, doujinshi, drag queens, dramaturgy, dressing in drag, durarara, early childhood education, extreme procrastination, fairy lights, fanfiction, friends, fuck your gender binary, fukit, gackts androgyny, gothic aristocrat, gothic lolita not lolita, gravitation, harajuku lovers, head banging, hello kitty gear, homosexuality, horror movies, inconceivably ironic situations, its my camera thanks, jackie beat, jeffree fucking star, karma, lady gaga's penis, living in classics, living the ghey life, loli-goth, lollipops, lost in silent hill, loving spike, making homophobes uncomfortable, making out, mana-sama is god, manga, mind fucks, mukuro rokudo, nerdfighter, nerdfighting, ninjas and pirates, no means no, not wearing pants, nurturing the plotbunnies, oblivion, paranormal, pay day, photography, piercings, post-it notes, post-punk, preparing for zombie apocalypse, pretending i can write, pro-life, procrastinating, psychoanalysing one's own characters, psychology, questioning people's masculinity, raw food, reading, reading for pleasure, reading manga, renaissance faires, roleplaying, roleplaying for hours, rpgs, san-x, saving/destroying the world, screaming from the hills, sexuality, shades of grey, shonen jump, shounen-ai, singing in the shower, star trek, star wars, stargate, stark contrast, strangers who smile back, suckin' too hard, supernatural, sweet baby jesus, sweet transvestites, tattoos, techno pop, tentacles! tentacles! tentacles!, the original battle royale, theatre, third gender, tim burton, tmnt, tokidoki, too many books, unique fashion, unnatural hair, use your voice, vegan cooking, video games, vin fucking diesel, vlogbrothers, walking in platform boots, wasting my time, wasting my time writing, watching subs never dubs, wearing kilts, webcomics, what happened to society, wongfu productions, working alone in darkrooms, xbox 360, yaoi, your mom, zombies, やめて お尻が 痛い