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ICU : Both what I remember and what I was told
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I added LJ to the tablet I'm using so maybe I'll actually update this more often!
Okie dokie!  I'll do cuts but I honestly don't think it'll be too long - my mind is kinda all over the place, and I tend to remember things after I'm done typing. LOL
After I had my sugery thinger I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), I was there for 7 days.

I couldn't talk, and didn't know why. However, we teach kids the ABC's at work and with that we do the alphabet in Sign Language, so that's what I did. Since I couldn't move my right hand, I did all my Sign Language with my left hand. Alas, mom, Grandma (who flew out from BC), my Aunt Yvonne (who drove really fast from Manitoba), don't really understand Sign Language - between them they were able to understand what I meant. They tried to use one of those cards that have the alphabet printed on it (one of the nurses found it), but it was printed too small, and because I was seeing double (which no one knew at the time), I couldn't see it. My cousin Kyle (well 1st cousin once removed - he's my mom's cousin) came to visit me whenever he could. My father showed up but never visited when I was awake, and after the ICU he never showed up again - which is kinda typical of him.
What I remember from the ICU is weird/bad dreams - it was like my mind was on overdrive, and things that actually happened my mind twisted into dreams.Like I had a dream about male Japanese twins who were really famous and had a TV and lots of snacks - there was a Japanese man in the ICU but that was were the similarities stopped.
The main doctor at the ICU knew that when I was awake and aware I liked to listen to the daily report about all the patients - not that I understood what he was saying.
Mom and Aunt Yvonne took turns reading "Lord of the Rings" to me.
And I remember them washing my hair (because the pan that they used hurt the back of my neck), and they took out the breathing tube down my throat (there was a tracheostomy machine behind me, just incase I couldn't breathe on my own) I didn't feel it coming out, but the velcro thinger that held the tube pulled my hair.
I'll do these in italics.

Okay, so I was told I was restrained because I kept trying to get out of the bed - I thought it was a bad dream, so I kept trying to get up to wake up. My Aunt bought a stuffed cat because the nurses had put a pillow under my right arm because they had to keep moving it for me, so the cat replaced the pillow (all my cats were left at home by themselves until mom came home - when I was moved via air ambulance from Saskatoon to Regina).
At rest my eyes went up to the right.
I had 5 MRI's and 5 CT scans I don't remember. 6 ambulance rides - 1 was with the STARS helicopter! That was when they took me from the ER in Regina, to Saskatoon so I could have my sugery.

Apparently, my circulation was really bad in the ICU so I had big thick boot-thingers on.
I then spent 2ish days in an observation ward before I was flown back to Regina, again all I really remember are more bad dreams, finally getting my voice back, not being able to sit up. These weird things they put on my legs to avoid blood clots in my legs. Not sleeping because of the bad dreams - I got my voice back after one of the nurses gave me something to help me sleep.
I was aware of the fact I couldn't use the right arm, but signing (risks of the air ambulance) with my left was more like a scrawl.
The joys of the ICU.


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