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The Beginning: Things I don't remember but was told
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First off I want to apologize if my entries are kinda disjointed, I have a hard time at the moment organizing my thoughts.

Okay, to the entry!

Apparently my mom had to call 911 twice - they told her to call back if anything changed, and I guess I told her my body was going numb.

Because the house is small and oddly situated inside the EMT's couldn't bring the stretcher in here, so they had to take me out on a back board.

My nephew, who was 3 1/2 at the time (he just turned 4), grabbed himself a banana for breakfast and sat at the desk and coloured, staying out of the EMT's way.

The ambulance was outside for almost an hour while they stabilized me. Because my windpipe and lungs were going weak I wasn't able to breathe normally, so they did a breathing tube and an oxygen mask in the ambulance - it would been done inside but they didn't want to scare Eddie (who they thought was my son).

My mom called my sister to see if they could come get Eddie, is was Christine's boyfriends idea that mom drop Eddie off at their house and then take Christine with her to the hospital. He had a much cooler head.

My mom and sister were taken into the family room at the hospital - the room where they tell you your loved one has died. They had a Social Worker with them - I learned later that they are really good at explaining what is happening.

They gave me medications to knock me out completely - this is when they removed all my jewelry and clothes. This was so they could do an MRI and CT scan - no metal in the machine.

By the time they figured out I was having a stroke, it was too late to administer the clot busting drug that can stop a stroke.

Since I was out STARS came to take me to Saskatoon, by air, because Saskatoon has much better equipment.

My Aunt Yvonne, from Manitoba, drove out to meet mom, and then they drove to Saskatoon together. My Grandma flew out from B.C. while I was in the ICU.

By the time my mom and Aunt got to Saskatoon (it's a 3 hour drive) I had already had the surgery and had been moved to the ICU.

The neurosurgeon who did my surgery told mom she did try to wake me up, but I was confused and couldn't talk and she was worried I was "locked in" (brain okay but not able to talk) so she put me back under to let me wake up on my own.

And the next entry will be about my ICU experience!



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