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The Beginning
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On May 17, 2015 I had an ischemic stroke. I woke up on Sunday with a headache, I cracked my neck a couple times, which sometimes works when I have a headache, and I didn't want one because my nephew - Edison - was visiting. Alas, it didn't work, and I ran out of my room to the bathroom, to be sick - multiple times.

I had been awake before then since in the other bedroom my mom (whom I live with again) and Eddie were up and talking about what they were going to do that day, and of course as soon as I was "up" Eddie tried to join me in the bathroom, mom - who'd gotten out of bed when Eddie tried to join me - told him Auntie wasn't feeling well and to come out of the bathroom.

By this time I knew something was wrong, and I told mom as much. Her idea was to go to the ER at the local hospital, I didn't know at the time I couldn't stand I managed to tell mom to just call 911. By this point my head was resting on the toilet paper and its holder, this was because the muscles in the right side of my neck were no longer working and my voice was starting to slur.

Mom called 911, and by the time the EMT's got there (7 minutes or so) the only thing that was holding me in a sitting position (we had put a step stool in the bathroom so Eddie could use the bathroom) was my left hand on the toilet bowl.

I was able to answer the EMT who came into the bathroom, until they moved me - then I could no longer talk. And my windpipe started to get weak, they didn't put a tube in my throat until they had me in the ambulance - so as not to scare Eddie.

A grand total of 3 EMT's came to my house, and they had to call to bypass the local hospital because STARS (the helicopter ambulance) couldn't come out due to a weather warning. The ride to the nearest big city was done by ground ambulance, and I don't remember a lot of it, as I was in and out if consciousness.

The EMT's did have to stop in a bigger town to pick up a paramedic - she told the EMT's to give me Gravol because I was still throwing up.

When they got to the General Hospital all I remember is ceiling's. They got in to the ER, and I remember being turned on my side, and then everything goes black.

Apparently they took off my pj's, took out my piercings, and did an MRI at the General where they figured out it was a stroke.

I was then airlifted to Saskatoon by STARS where they did another MRI (they have better equipment) and a neurosurgeon went up my femoral artery in my groin to stuck the clot out of my brain.

Saturday before I had my stroke.

After my stroke and my surgery, back in the General Hospital with my cat Hippie,and my friend Rowan.

After they took out my nose tube - I still have an IV.</lg-cut>

Then a week in the ICU, 2 days in an observation ward, 3.5 weeks in the General Hospital, and then 3 months in rehab, but these are for other entries.

- Rhett

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